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Over time, your roof will eventually wear down. That's why regular inspections are essential to ensuring the quality of your roof and ultimately the safety of your home. Roofing101 has you covered.

Are you seeing signs there may be a problem with your roof? Whether it’s a leaky ceiling or fallen shingles, Roofing101 professionals are ready to provide you with a thorough roof inspection to assess the issue. Conducted expertly and accurately, our team takes the time to carefully inspect according to our comprehensive procedures. Roof inspection often comes after bad weather, or because homeowners feel their roof may not be performing as well as it should. At other times, a roof inspection may be necessary to assess a home for a potential sale. Regardless of the reason, we’ll provide you with detailed information about the state of your roof. And, should it need repair or a new installation, rest assured our pros will give you a reliable, sturdy roof that will last a very long time.

Professional Roof Inspection From Roofing101

Roofing101 provides thorough inspections and roof certifications to ensure that the structural integrity of your roof is intact. We carefully evaluate all aspects of your roof and identify any areas that need repair or replacement, allowing you to prove your roof is in good condition.

What to Expect During an Inspection

Assessing the exterior – Firstly, we assess the exterior of the home, noting any visual defects. These defects can be anything from missing shingles, a crack in the chimney or even instability. All of these factors play a crucial role in the lifespan of a roof. As such, they help us establish how sturdy your roof is and if it needs urgent repair.

Inspecting the roof – After the exterior visual inspection, our crew will normally take a more hands-on approach and determine the physical state of your roof. This is when we assess the strength of the materials in places, such as nails, sealant, roofing cap, and other pertinent elements. It is at this point that a roofing inspection will detect major defects. At this point, we’ll also be able to assess if there is any water and wind damage.

Roof Inspection Ensures Proper Protection

Call us today at Roofing101 to book a free quote or schedule an inspection. With our experts on your side, you’re assured a reliable assessment for your family.

If you need a roof inspection for your home, call the local experts at Roofing101 today. We provide complete inspections and certifications for all types of roofs, and we also provide quality repair work if necessary. Contact us for more information today!